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Want to create for a world that sees beyond money? You‘re not alone.

The economy has to serve society and not the reverse. There are many forms of economic (and non-economic) organisation that are not based on profit maximisation but aligned with values of human and planetary well-being. If they are better suited to fulfil human needs, they should substitute current market approaches based on individualism, competition, materialism and the maximization of profits.

Solidarity Economy
The Solidarity Economy promotes economic organization rooted in participatory democracy, solidarity, equity and ecological sustainability. It is closely linked to the cooperative movement as one way to organize in a more equal and democratic social order.

Collaborative Economy
The Collaborative Economy is based on cooperation rather than competition, and includes sharing, collaborative production and is organized in horizontally networked communities.

Commons Movement
The Commons movement promotes a form of self-organisation and cooperation (commoning) between people to regain or protect free access to cultural or natural resources (the commons). Currently, these commons (e.g. knowledge, land) are often enclosed by market and state actors so cannot be freely accessed. Enclosure increases and perpetuates inequality.

Degrowth/Economy of Sufficiency
The Degrowth movement promotes a controlled decline of economic production (degrowth) and a new equilibrium relationship between human beings and nature. The aim of the Degrowth movement is to maximise wellbeing within ecological limits.

Economy for the Common Good
The Economy for the Common Good is a movement which aims – in a democratic and participatory process – to build an economic system which places the common good at the center of all economic activity. For instance with a balance sheet

REconomy is a project by the Transition Town movement to make local communities more resilient to economic and ecological crises by establishing enterprises that are sustainable, fair and resilient and anchored in wellbeing, rather than economic growth at any cost.

Change your Organization

Work in a social change organization? Make a world beyond money a part of your mission.

Most activists and social change leaders today would argue that a sustainable and humane future will only be possible by making profound changes to our lives and our political and economic systems. Not few would agree that neoliberal capitalism is at the root of many ecological and social problems. Yet in many campaigns and strategies this is not reflected. It is time to adopt more effective approaches to change in the fields of strategy, communication, campaigning and movement building. They are already being developed and put into practice all over the world.

Smart CSOs Lab
The Smart CSOs Lab is an international network of civil society leaders, researchers and funders aiming to develop and put into practice strategies that embrace the cultural and systemic root causes lying behind the social and environmental crises of our times.

The Lab believes civil society organisations (CSOs) have a crucial role to play in catalysing transformative social and economic change, yet new ideas and strategies are needed to address the challenges we face. Our current focus on single issues and short-term goals means that while we may win many battles, we are losing the war.

Common Cause
Whatever we say and do activates certain values in the people around us: While putting a price on our woods and oceans makes it more expensive to harm them, it strengthens people's thinking that in principle there is nothing wrong with humans dominating and exploiting nature as they please - a thinking that has led us to the problems we're facing today in the first place. Common Cause is a network that provides resources and workshops on how to work more effectively with cultural values to create a more equitable, sustainable, and democratic society. 

Next System Project
A new system is both necessary and possible. This is the starting point for the US-based Next System Project's aim of starting a national debate on what alternative political and economics models could look like. It offers articles, videos and publications on the topic, drawing on both innovative research and on-the-ground experience. 

New Economic Organisers Network (NEON)
NEON was created by the New Economics Foundation in 2013 to connect progressive individuals from diverse contexts in the UK (civil society, activism, academia, media etc.). It aims to strengthen the movement to replace neoliberalism with a new economy based on social and environmental justice.

The Rules
The Rules is a global decentralised network of activists committed to deep system change. Its campaigns attempt to target key leverage points in the economic system as a way to advance system change. The Rules has focused on deconstructing the narratives around capitalism and neoliberalism, and attempting to introduce a more powerful logic around the need for deep change into mainstream narratives.

Great Transition Initiative
The Great Transition Initiative is an online forum of ideas and an international network for the critical exploration of concepts, strategies, and visions for a transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and a resilient biosphere. By enhancing scholarly discourse and public awareness of possibilities arising from converging social, economic, and environmental crises, and by fostering a broad network of thinkers and doers, it aims to contribute to a new praxis for global transformation.

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