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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where you play as a child who must shimmy through their neighbor's windows and steal items from their house. The goal of the game is to find a key in their house that will open the final locked door that they have been trying to get through. The neighbor will be alerted to your presence in the house, and will start chasing you to try and stop you.


The objective of the game is to explore the neighbor's house and find the key that will unlock the door that leads to their basement. The neighbor will be alerted by the slightest noise, which means that the player must be very careful in order to avoid being caught. The neighbor will chase the player and try to catch them if they are spotted.


The graphics are designed to make it seem like you are in a haunted house. The game is not rendered in 3D, but the graphics are not blurry and the colors are bright.

Information about replayability of Hello Neighbor

There are several secrets and Easter eggs that can only be found on a second playthrough of the game.


Simple game, highly recommended, do not be scared away by the hype. I rate Hello Neighbor a solid 8/10, and award the game the Polite Penguin Approved stamp. Game was played on an Xbox One.


  • The gameplay is simple
  • The graphics are simple but effective
  • The game is not too scary
  • The game is not too short
  • The game is not too long
  • The game is free
  • The gameplay is simple


  • The gameplay is simple
  • The game is not too scary
  • The game is not too long


Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
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